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Trademark Strategy

Trademark strategy is a key component of any business’s marketing and branding efforts. It involves the development, execution, and management of a company. We can help you formalize trademark strategy in short-term and long-term, as well as plans for how the company will use its trademarks to increase brand awareness, build customer loyalty, and create a unique identity.


Trademark Preparation

We prepare trademark specification drafts once we have assessed your business interests, commercialization plans and timelines. Our trademark specification drafts are of high quality and are always in line with a strategy that is finalized together with you. We choose the appropriate classes and class descriptions for your trademark to protect your business from any possible trademark infringements.


Trademark Filing

Our Trademark attorney can help with filing trademark applications with the Intellectual property offices of all jurisdictions of the world. Our trademark attorneys file trademarks application regularly in Australia, India and New Zealand directly and can help you with trademark application filing in other countries through our network of associates.


Trademark Prosecution

Trademark prosecution refers to the legal process of examining a trademark application and registering the applied trademark. Our trademark attorneys can help clients prosecute trademark applications. Our practices always keep clients’ business goals in mind and strategized after a thorough understanding of the client’s latest position in the market. Our response drafts to trademark office actions are of always high quality.


Trademark Analytics

We provide a service for market intelligence that helps businesses make decisions while protecting their marks or understanding how their trademarks are being used. It involves analyzing trademark data from various sources including trademark databases and general web searches to gain insights into a brand's strength, usage, and protection. Our analytical reports are key to making any trademark-related strategic decision.


Trademark Disputes

We provide various services for trademark-related disputes. The dispute may arise when two or more parties believe they have a right to the same mark or when one party believes another infringes upon its mark. There are numerous ways to deal with trademark-related disputes and our attorneys offer advice that is always practical and to the point.


We provide all kinds of services in trademark-related matters. We can help you file a trademark application, research a trademark’s availability, and prepare and file responses to examination reports issued by trademark offices. We also provide trademark monitoring and enforcement services. Our trademark consultation and advice are always based on the latest business and commercialization plans.

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