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At LexGeneris, we are dedicated to protecting and enhancing your intellectual property assets across Australia, New Zealand, and India. We also provide services in other countries through our trusted associates. Our comprehensive range of IP services is designed to support you through every stage of your IP journey. Our specialized services are listed below:

IP Strategy

Developing a robust intellectual property strategy is crucial for the success and protection of your innovations. Our intellectual property lawyers at LexGeneris work closely with you to create tailored IP strategies that align with your business goals, ensuring maximum value and competitive advantage.

IP Preparation

Preparing intellectual property documentation requires precision and expertise. Our team at LexGeneris meticulously handles the preparation of patents, trademarks, and other IP forms, including design-related services. We ensure all details are accurately captured to support your claims and protect your inventions.

IP Filing

Navigating the filing process can be complex and time-consuming. We streamline the process for you, managing the filing of patents, trademarks, and other IP assets with relevant authorities like IP Australia (Australian Intellectual Property Office), IPONZ (Intellectual Property Office New Zealand), and the Indian Patent Office. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and efficient filing experience, minimizing potential delays or issues.

IP Prosecution

Defending and advancing your IP rights is at the core of our services. LexGeneris represents you in all aspects of IP prosecution, handling communications with patent and trademark offices, responding to office actions, and advocating for the approval of your applications.

IP Analytics

Make informed decisions with our IP analytics services. We provide in-depth analysis and insights into your IP portfolio, market trends, and competitor activities. This includes conducting thorough patentability searches to determine the novelty and viability of your inventions. Our analytics help you understand the value and potential of your intellectual property, guiding strategic decisions.

IP Acceleration

Accelerate your innovation process with our support. We assist in identifying, developing, and protecting new ideas, including design-related innovations, helping you bring them to market faster. Our services include innovation workshops, brainstorming sessions, and guidance on leveraging IP to drive growth.

IP Commercialization

Transform your intellectual property into marketable products and services. LexGeneris offers comprehensive commercialization services, including licensing, partnerships, and strategic alliances. Our team helps you maximize the commercial potential of your IP assets.

IP Disputes

Resolving intellectual property disputes requires expert legal support. Our patent law attorneys at LexGeneris are experienced in handling IP litigation, mediation, and arbitration. We vigorously represent your interests in IP disputes, aiming to resolve them efficiently and effectively to protect your IP rights.

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