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Patent Strategy

Our attorneys formulate patent strategy after understanding your business and technology roadmap and existing competition in the market. Our attorneys can also collaborate with research and engineering teams and produce patent master plans that maximize patent outcomes and reduce patent risks. We make sure that every $ spent from your IP budget offers you the intended result.

  • Patent Strategy for Growth
  • Patent Portfolio Management
  • Patent Portfolio Evaluation
  • Patent Acquisition
  • Patent Licensing
  • Patent Valuations
  • Patent Monetization
  • Patent Due Diligence
  • Patent Contracts and Agreements
  • Standard Searches and Adoption
  • Defensive Publications

Patent Preparation

We adopt patent specification preparation practices that are carefully and strategically deduced in-house. We prefer patent drafting practices that are widely used by top patent filing firms in the world, to produce quality patents. Our practices also consider key guidelines issued by patent offices and are based on the major landmark decisions in patent oppositions and litigations across the world.

  • Patent Specification Drafting
  • Patent Illustration & Drawing Preparation
  • Subject Matter Eligibility Handling
  • Invention Scope Review & Enhancement

Patent Filings

Our Patent attorneys are responsible for filing patent applications in Australia, India and New Zealand directly, and in almost all jurisdictions of the world through our network of associates. We file provisional, complete specification, divisional and PCT applications regularly for our clients. You can expect from us patent filing services that are always prompt and cost-effective.

  • Provisional Patent Application Filing
  • Complete Specification Patent Filing
  • Convention Patent Application Filing
  • PCT Patent Application Filing
  • National Phase Application Filing

Patent Prosecution

Patent prosecution starts with applying for and receiving a grant of a patent. During the process, attorneys take various actions to meet the requirements of a grant of a patent, including submitting arguments to assert the novelty and inventive step of claims of patent applications. Our patent attorneys are well-versed in patent law and can help you prosecute patent applications and maintain patents in almost all jurisdictions of the world.

  • Request for Examinations
  • Novelty or Inventive Step Arguments
  • Claim Amendments
  • Subject Matter Eligibility Arguments
  • Office Action Responses
  • Patent Maintenance
  • Patent Annuities
  • Statement of Working of Patents

Patent Analytics

We provide a service for collecting and analyzing large amounts of patent-related data. It is used to gain insight into a company’s or an industry’s patent portfolio, identify trends, and uncover strategic decision-making opportunities. Our patent analytics services are also used to gain insight into the competitive landscape, identify potential competitors, and research new technology and innovations.

  • Patentability/Novelty Searches
  • Knock Out Searches
  • Validity Searches
  • Patent Landscape Search
  • Freedom to Operate Search
  • Patent Watch/Monitoring
  • Patent infringement Searches
  • Technology Assessment Searches
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Patent Due Diligences

Patent Disputes

We provide numerous services related to patent disputes. A dispute could occur when there is a disagreement between two or more parties over the ownership of a patent, the scope of the patent’s protection, or the patent's validity. It can involve companies, inventors, and other entities and can be resolved through arbitration, litigation, or other methods.

  • Patent Oppositions
  • Patent Infringement Advice
  • Patent Arbitration & Mediation
  • Patent Litigation


We provide a full range of patent-related services, including patent searching, drafting, filing, prosecution, and licensing. Our experienced team of patent attorneys, researchers and consultants is dedicated to helping clients protect their intellectual property and achieve their business objectives. We are committed to providing the highest quality patent services and delivering results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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