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We adopt patent specification preparation practices that are carefully and strategically deduced in-house. We prefer patent drafting practices that are widely used by top patent filing firms in the world, to produce quality patents. Our practices also consider key guidelines issued by patent offices and are based on the major landmark decisions in patent oppositions and litigations across the world.

  • Subject Matter Eligibility Handling
  • Invention Scope Review & Enhancement
  • Patent Specification Drafting
  • Patent Claim Drafting
  • Patent Illustration & Drawing Preparation


We prepare trademark specification drafts once we have assessed your business interests, commercialization plans and timelines. Our trademark specification drafts are of high quality and are always in line with a strategy that is finalized together with you. We choose the appropriate classes and class descriptions for your trademark to protect your business from any possible trademark infringements.

  • Trademark Class Section
  • Trademark Specification Drafting
  • Trademark Classes Selection Advice


We prepare design specification drafts once we have identified problems being addressed by your design and benefits offered over the state-of-art. We then work with you closely to innovate your design while enhancing its scope of protection. We collaborate with you to create alternative design embodiments and finalize essential aesthetic features that should be included in your design application.

  • Design Specification Preparation
  • Design Drawing Quality Improvements

IP Preparation

If you have an idea for a new product or invention, the first step is to prepare a patent application. We can help you write a high-quality patent specification that meets all the requirements of the law. We’ll handle the entire process, from researching to drafting and filing the application.

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