Trademark Specification Drafting

When it comes to trademark specification drafting, it’s important to create a thorough description of the goods and services that you plan to use your trademark for. This specification is an essential component of your trademark application, as it establishes the extent of your trademark protection. Trademark specification includes details of the class of goods/services, products, proprietor name, date of application, details on choosing the logo or word mark protection etc… Providing a precise and reliable description of the goods and/or services you are seeking a trademark for is essential for your trademark application, as it determines the scope of any resulting trademark registration. Our team of experienced trademark attorneys, will collaborate with you to create a specification that strikes the perfect balance between being comprehensive and precise. We thoroughly examine your current and future business plans to ensure that the specification is thorough enough and meets all necessary requirements, while also being mindful of cost-effectiveness. We ensure that your trademark provides strong protection now while also remaining adaptable to your company’s future growth.

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