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Your trademark portfolio is an extremely valuable asset which requires rigorous monitoring, auditing, and administration. Effectively maintaining your trademark portfolio is critical for protecting your brand’s value and advancing your business goal. At LexGeneris, our team of trademark attorneys is committed to provide you services for successfully managing your trademark portfolio. Whether you are considering to expand your brand globally or need help managing your trademarks domestically, our team has the knowledge and experience to guide you through every step of the trademark portfolio process. Our Global Trademark Portfolio Management guarantees the protection of your trademarks at international level within various jurisdictions, and we handle all required formalities, such as Statement of Use submissions and renewals. Furthermore, our services include:

  • Developing the brand strategy by analysing commercial data, future plans, and market intelligence.
  • Managing portfolios on a daily basis, including handling trademark prosecution and renewals for both individual matters and large-scale portfolios.
  • Ensure the safeguarding of your trademarks through vigilant monitoring and strict enforcement against any infringements.

Our intellectual property attorneys are committed to not only trademark portfolio management but also about your brand protection.

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