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Trademarks are crucial for the operations of any business, as they serve as valuable assets for a company. Therefore, thoroughly examining a company’s trademark rights is often a necessary step before selling all or part of a business. This allows buyers, sellers, and investors to gain a comprehensive understanding of the extent and effectiveness of the trademark portfolio. To protect your business from potential conflicts, to determine whether to buy or invest in a company, or to decide whether to enter into another agreement with the company, conducting a thorough trademark due diligence becomes necessary. In the context of pending trademark applications, due diligence entails the identification of unregistered marks and the assessment of whether the mark should be registered or if it may conflict with marks that are already owned by third parties. Thorough due diligence is crucial in all aspects of trademark management, including registration, mergers, acquisitions, licensing, and selection.

When it comes to trademark protection and due diligence assessments, LexGeneris has a substantial and dedicated team on hand. Our team of experienced trademark attorneys diligently conducts a through due diligence process by evaluating potential marks, conducting trademark searches, identifying similar trademarks and analysing potential conflicts for protecting your business from legal risks and trademark infringement issues.  Our services offer valuable insights and effective solutions, ensuring you can move forward with confidence.

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