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While filing your trademark application, you must select the trade mark classes of products and/or services under which the mark will be registered. When selecting trade mark classes for goods and/or services, the goal is to select specifications that are broad enough to allow your business to expand while narrow enough to allow you to enforce your trademark. Failure to choose all of the required classes may result in difficulty defending against infringement, as you are only awarded exclusive rights to use your trademark for the goods and services specified in your application. We at LexGeneris provides you experience which extends across the 45 various classes indicated in the Nice Classification, ensuring that your trademark is protected in all relevant categories. Our trademark attorney navigates you through the process of providing precise and persuasive evidence of how your trademark is being used in commerce. This step is crucial for the application process, as it strengthens your claim and minimizes the chances of disputes. Once your application is published, it may encounter obligations from other entities. We have extensive experience in dealing with these challenges, utilizing our in-depth knowledge of trademark law to protect your interests.

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