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Trademarks are a valuable asset for your business, setting your brand apart from competitors, enabling effective communication with your audience, and fostering an emotional connection. Filing a trademark application safeguards your business identity even before your entrance into the market.

Trademarks can be registered on a country-by-country basis by filing a separate national application in each desired country. Additionally, trademarks can be registered for certain economic regions. For instance, a single European Trademark registration covers the entire European Union. For multiple countries or regions, obtaining an international registration under the Madrid Protocol might be more cost-effective. The Madrid Protocol enables a streamlined approach to registering and managing trademarks globally via the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). With a single application, applicants can designate a number of countries for trademark registration.

Countries and regions that are part of the Madrid Protocol include:

Afghanistan Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Liberia Rwanda
African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI) Denmark Liechtenstein Samoa
Albania Egypt Lithuania San Marino
Algeria Estonia Luxembourg Sao Tome and Principe
Antigua and Barbuda Eswatini Madagascar Serbia14
Armenia European Union Malawi Sierra Leone
Australia Finland Malaysia Singapore
Austria France Mauritius Slovakia
Azerbaijan Gambia Mexico Slovenia
Bahrain Georgia Monaco Spain
Belarus Germany Mongolia Sudan
Belgium Ghana Montenegro Sweden
Belize Greece Morocco Switzerland
Bhutan Hungary Mozambique Syrian Arab Republic
Bosnia and Herzegovina Iceland Namibia Tajikistan
Botswana India Netherlands (Kingdom of the) Thailand
Brazil Indonesia New Zealand Trinidad and Tobago
Brunei Darussalam Iran (Islamic Republic of) North Macedonia Tunisia
Bulgaria Ireland Norway Türkiye
Cabo Verde Israel Oman Turkmenistan
Cambodia Italy Pakistan Ukraine
Canada Jamaica Philippines United Arab Emirates
Chile Japan Poland United Kingdom
China Kazakhstan Portugal United States of America
Colombia Kenya Qatar Uzbekistan
Croatia Kyrgyzstan Republic of Korea Viet Nam
Cuba Lao People’s Democratic Republic Republic of Moldova Zambia
Cyprus Latvia Romania Zimbabwe
Czech Republic Lesotho Russian Federation

At LexGeneris, our IP attorneys offer specialized trademark filing services in Australia, New Zealand, and India directly, and various other countries through Madrid route or with help from our partner associate. Our filing service ensures coverage from the initial filing to trademark renewals, protecting the marks globally.

We recognize the individuality of each brand, so we ensure that our approach aligns with your specific needs. Before filing your trademark application, we conduct thorough trademark searches to identify any potential conflicts and provide expert guidance on the most effective strategy to protect your trademark. Whether you are a new business seeking to establish your brand or an established company looking to expand your trademark portfolio, we are committed to delivering the best results at affordable pricing.

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