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Trademark acquisition refers to the process of obtaining a pre-existing trademark and other rights that could serve as the foundation for the development or expansion of an existing brand. This process includes the transfer of ownership and legal rights of a trademark through various methods, such as purchasing the trademark, inheriting it, assignment, merger, and licensing.

Trademarks are important assets used to safeguard a company’s brand identity, and their transfer must be carefully planned to avoid loss or dilution. At LexGeneris, our team of dedicated intellectual property attorneys specializes in trademark acquisition, methodically handling every aspect to secure your brand’s future. We begin with a comprehensive assessment of the trademark you intend to acquire by conducting thorough due diligence to assess its validity, strength, and any potential legal issues, which involves checking any pending opposition, the trademark’s registration status, and any trademark infringement issue. We ensure that there is proper documentation for transferring ownership of trademarks from the non-surviving entity.

Our team prioritizes the evaluation of the scope of the trademark and the investigation of the assignment of the trademark across different classes to ensure that you acquire an unambiguous right to the trademark. Our experienced attorneys expertly handle negotiations and meticulously draft all required agreements to ensure a seamless and legally sound transfer of rights.

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