“Our mission is to be a vigorous IP advisor for every company that seeks opportunities to create a change and help them soar the creative skies.”

Our Values

We believe in efficient collaboration, ethical practices, and innovation. Our core values define our work, and we are passionate about working with every client, irrespective of their size or the industry.

Client Centric

We follow a client-strategic model to understand IP requirements and note the specificities to ensure zero errors or discrepancies. This process helps us deliver the best services within a short period.


We understand that moral concepts play a significant role in society. So, we follow the practice of ethical conduct in our tasks and activities, ranging from small interactions to bigger business decisions.


Team LexGeneris are changemakers. To facilitate impactful IP-centric services and solutions, we constantly evolve our IP practices, considering legal and tech trends, ultimately preparing a future-ready IP.


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We love what we do ⸻
We change your IP Experiences.
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We are growing because we act with full transparency when providing advice, handling billing, or dealing with conflicts of interest. We do not beat around the bush – we offer competent services that you can trust us for.


LexGeneris takes a proactive and personalized stand in every project it undertakes. Our accountability keeps us rooted and focused, allowing us to deliver quality output consistently and timely.

Empathetic and Caring

As an individual or an organisation, a lot of hard work and resources are spent by you to create innovations that you take pride in, and so we spend equal efforts protecting them as you get our full attention and availability.

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