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Our Patent attorneys are responsible for filing patent applications in Australia, India and New Zealand directly, and in almost all jurisdictions of the world through our network of associates. We file provisional, complete specification, divisional and PCT applications regularly for our clients. You can expect from us patent filing services that are always prompt and cost-effective.

  • Provisional Patent Application Filing
  • Complete Specification Patent Filing
  • Convention Patent Application Filing
  • PCT Patent Application Filing
  • National Phase Application Filing


Our Trademark attorney can help with filing trademark applications with the Intellectual property offices of all jurisdictions of the world. Our trademark attorneys file trademarks application regularly in Australia, India and New Zealand directly and can help you with trademark application filing in other countries through our network of associates.

  • Trademark Application Filing


Our attorneys offer legal counselling to clients belonging to creative industries. We specialize in all aspects of intellectual property law related to design and art. Our attorneys' work includes advising on the protection of design rights and filing design applications in Australia, India, New Zealand, and many other jurisdictions of the world.

  • Design Application Filing

IP Filings

Our IP attorneys are registered to practice before the Australian, New Zealand, and Indian IP Offices. We also instruct IP attorneys on filings in other jurisdictions around the world, including the US, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and China. Our team is well-equipped to handle your specific requirements, and we can help you navigate the process quickly and efficiently.

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