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Electronics, Communication & Software

You are constantly innovating cutting-edge solutions if you deal in the electronics and software industry. IP provides your innovation protection against cheaters and counterfeits, while helping you run your investment cycle or expansion period unhindered. Whether we are talking about electronic devices, equipments and sensors, fintech and eCommerce solutions, cloud and other information technology advancements, or any other hardware or software services, with our expertise, you can ensure that your innovations are solely yours and no cases of infringement can occur.


Electronics, Sensors & IOT


Software, Cloud, IT, Apps & Web


Robotics, Drones & Smart Vehicles


3D Printing, Blockchain, Bigdata, AR/VR/MR


Audio-Video & Multimedia


Communication, Location based Services & Cloud


Wearables & Gaming

home automation

Home Automation & Smart Cities

online banking

Fintech, Ecommerce & Education

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