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Design Strategy

Design strategy focuses on protecting the designs of products and services. We help companies ensure that their designs are protected at their fullest potential and that any investments made in them are well thought out and strategic and assist in achieving competitive advantages. Be it design selection, protection, acquisition, or a licensing requirement, we can always help.

  • Concept Design & Prototyping
  • Design Portfolio Management
  • Design Portfolio Evaluation
  • Design Acquisitions
  • Design Licensing
  • Design Contracts and Agreements
  • Design Due Diligence

Design Preparation

We prepare design specification drafts once we have identified problems being addressed by your design and benefits offered over the state-of-art. We then work with you closely to innovate your design while enhancing its scope of protection. We collaborate with you to create alternative design embodiments and finalize essential aesthetic features that should be included in your design application.

  • Design Specification Preparation
  • Design Drawing Quality Improvements

Design Filings

Our attorneys offer legal counselling to clients belonging to creative industries. We specialize in all aspects of intellectual property law related to design and art. Our attorneys' work includes advising on the protection of design rights and filing design applications in Australia, India, New Zealand, and many other jurisdictions of the world.

  • Design Application Filing

Design Prosecution

Design prosecution involves an examination of a design application. Our attorneys deal with design prosecution regularly and are familiar with design practices and procedures in various key jurisdictions. The design-related deadline comes up faster and so our attorneys are always one step ahead with their prosecution strategies, making sure the best-possible design protection is always obtained.

  • Design Office Action Responses
  • Design Annuities

Design Analytics

We provide services for analyzing state of art designs for various purposes. Our reports are used by our clients while brainstorming and finalizing their own designs, keeping track of competitor’s activities and understanding key design trends in the market. We also perform cost-effective freedom-to-operate and infringement searches and provide advice that is reliable to make profitable and commercial design-related decisions.

  • Design Novelty Searches
  • Design Watches
  • Design Infringement Searches

Design Disputes

We provide settlement for your design dispute when you or your competitor have a dispute over the ownership of a design. These disputes can arise when two or more parties lay claim to the same design or when a design is used without permission or attribution. We resolve your dispute through negotiation, mediation, or litigation.

  • Design Oppositions
  • Design Infringements
  • Design Litigations


We are specialized in providing design-related services in all aspects. We have a team of experienced professionals who can help you with the entire process of registering a design in various countries. The process involves understanding the requirements and filing the application with the concerned authorities. We also provide post-registration services like renewal, assignment, and licensing.

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