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Australia has a robust intellectual property system that is crucial for fostering innovation and economic growth. Protecting your IP in Australia ensures that your inventions, brands, and designs are safeguarded against infringement. LexGeneris provides comprehensive services to help you navigate the complexities of Australian IP law, ensuring that your intellectual property is well-protected. Key services include:

  • Filing & Prosecuting Australian Patents
  • Trademark Registration in Australia
  • Design Protection in Australia
  • Patent and Trademark Renewal Procedures in Australia
  • Licensing, Commercialization & enforcement of IP in Australia
  • IP Searches and Clearance in Australia
  • Developing Effective IP Strategies for the Australian Market


India’s dynamic and growing market presents significant opportunities for businesses, making IP protection essential. With a unique set of regulations and practices, securing your IP in India requires expert guidance. LexGeneris offers specialized services to help you protect your patents, trademarks, and designs in India. Key services include:

  • Patent Filing and Prosecution in India
  • Trademark Registration and Enforcement in India
  • Design Registration in India
  • IP Litigation and Dispute Resolution in India
  • Utilizing IP for Market Expansion in India
  • IP Searches and Due Diligence in India
  • Crafting Comprehensive IP Strategies for the Indian Market

New Zealand

New Zealand’s IP system is designed to promote innovation and creativity. Protecting your intellectual property in New Zealand not only helps prevent unauthorized use but also enhances your competitive edge. LexGeneris provides tailored IP services to ensure your rights are secured in New Zealand. Key services include:

  • New Zealand Patent Application Process
  • Trademark Protection and Registration in New Zealand
  • Design Rights in New Zealand
  • IP Enforcement Strategies in New Zealand
  • Commercializing IP in New Zealand
  • IP Searches and Analysis in New Zealand
  • Strategic IP Management for the New Zealand Market

Other Jurisdictions

In addition to our services in Australia, India, and New Zealand, LexGeneris collaborates with trusted associate law firms in other key jurisdictions to provide seamless and comprehensive IP services worldwide. These jurisdictions include:

  • USA
  • Europe
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • China
  • Canada
  • UAE

Our global IP network of IP law firm or associates allows us to extend our reach and provide you with the local expertise necessary to protect and manage your intellectual property effectively across different regions. Whether you are looking to file patents, register trademarks, or develop strategic IP management plans, LexGeneris and our international partners can support you every step of the way.

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